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Doors with Paper Honeycomb:-

Honey comb doors are disaster resistant doors that can stand earthquakes, are environment friendly and thermally efficient. They look just like any other normal door but differ a lot when it comes to features and benefits. The shutter frame can be made of any product of your preference such as timber, rubber wood, MDF, pine etc. but the core body is made up paper of honeycomb giving it more strength and resistance. All the moisture gets removed by stuffing honeycomb. A special glue is used to make the honeycomb create a strong bond with the outer layer. Door frames, hinges, locks, and handles are added to complete the look. Such a door is very strong.Paper  honeycomb is not only lightweight but can withstand a huge amount of pressure too.Paper  honeycomb core is much beneficial than the hardwood core which only adds to the mass instead of providing any real strength.

paper honeycomb doors, greencore packaging

The key features of best Honeycomb Door exporters which make them exceptional are as follows:-

1) Paper honeycomb is economical as they are produced from recycled paper.
2) ‎It is highly efficient due to their light weight and hence, easy to handle.
3) ‎It is suitable for all kinds of doors.
4) ‎It can be made as tall and thin as you want it to be
5) ‎It comes in different designs and shapes and can be modified as per your requirements.

Prevent your doors from getting warps and twists:-

Any distortion in the panel is known as "warp". It is caused mainly due to temperature and humidity. Warp or twists can be prevented using infills like paper honeycomb core. Since moisture is removed by the use of honeycomb, the chances of warps indoors are reduced to a great extent. There is a strong relationship between pressure strength and moisture content. The desired strength can easily be achieved by using paper honeycomb core that are stretched and dried in a manner that makes them the best alternative.

Benefits of using honeycomb doors for your homes/ offices:-

Termite and insect proof.

Does not twist, break, swell or deteriorate.

100% weatherproof and water resistant.

Full of strength and made with economical recycled paper.

Suitable for all places including toilet, kitchen, bedroom, living room, offices etc.

Have a long life and rigid structure.

They are Lightweight with zero maintenance charges.

Honeycomb Door Exporters:-

Though there are plenty of door exporters and manufacturers available in the market. But Honeycomb door exporters with superior quality are still a few. If you are looking for a reliable source for your door requirements, then Greencore Packaging is one of the leading names in terms of supplying superior quality of paper  honeycomb core doors. Our unique and efficient products will make you 100% satisfied. We are available round the clock and you can place an order anytime. Tell us your requirements and we will make the customized core for your door  as per your requirements. If you are concerned about bugs hollowing your doors or extreme weather conditions making your doors weak, we are here to take away all your worries and provide you with an expert solution. We will be more than happy to serve you and make you 100% satisfied with our services.

paper honeycomb doors, greencore packaging

Greencore packaging is a well-established paper honeycomb core exporter and manufacturing company.  We have a large client base and we use only advanced technology and high-quality raw materials. Our services are not limited to paper honeycomb core but also include a wide array of other products such as paper honeycomb sheets, pallets, boxes, panel etc. Hence, we are a one-stop solution for all your paperhoneycomb products related needs. Get in touch with us now and get your customized hand picked honeycomb product delivered right to your doorstep.


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