Choosing The Best Paper Honeycomb Core Supplier For Doors Is No More a Tiring Job, As We Are Here To Guide You.

Honeycomb Doors:-

Honeycomb doors are exclusive factory made doors made with the superior quality of honeycomb structure providing the doors an immense strength. They have a high strength to weight ratio and exceptional features. Honeycomb doors are beehive structure based doors which are not only stylish but also provide extra protection to your homes. Made with lightweight technology, they can be easily transported from one place to another. They can be your lifelong partners as they don't get deteriorated so quickly. It is due to their perfect strength and other features that make them a number one choice as compared to heavy wooden or PVC doors.

Exceptional features of honeycomb doors are as follows:-

They have a very long life with zero maintenance which means that you can buy the door and remain tension free.

They don't get affected by temperature or humidity changes which means they are weatherproof and can be used in all seasons.

They are very lightweight, unlike other heavy wooden doors. Hence, they can easily be carried from one place to another.

They are strong, sturdy and safe. It is due to their strength that they don't break easily and hence, have a very long life.

They are warp or twist resistant and can not be easily broken, damaged or deteriorated. They are also compression resistant.

They are perfect to be used in any place, be it interiors or exteriors. They have all the desired qualities that keep them safe under every circumstance, be it harsh climate or changing temperature.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs and can even be customized as per your need.

How is a honeycomb infill door panel manufactured:-

A skeleton of solid timber is made.
Infill is fastened to the frame.
Ironmongery is installed and veneer surfaces are varnished.
Honeycomb infill is stretched and dried.
The frame is covered with veneer board.


Honeycomb technology history:-

Use of honeycomb technology for making a variety of products is not new and can be traced back to the time of Euclid and Zenodorous who were the first to find out the magical properties of honeycombs. They were the first to get acquainted with the fact that hexagonal shapes can make the best use of space in materials. There are basically three techniques used for the production of honeycomb structures which are expansion, moulding, and corrugation. Honeycomb doors have a wide-reaching audience worldwide and one of the most preferred choice.

Paper Honeycomb Core Suppliers:-

It is difficult to find genuine paper honeycomb core suppliers. If you are looking best quality delivered right at your doorstep on time, then we have a perfect solution for you. Greencore packaging is a leading name and a well-established brand when it comes to honeycomb doors. We use specialized state of the art technology and use premium high-quality raw material. We make sure that you feel 100% satisfied with our services.

Our products are not limited to just honeycomb core. We deal with a variety of other honeycomb products as well such as Honeycomb pallets, Honeycomb fitments, Honeycomb doors, Honeycomb sheets, Honeycomb box, Honeycomb pallet box, Honeycomb panel, Honeycomb display racks, Honeycomb edge protectors etc.

Add that extra glamour to your homes by ordering your customized doors made by honeycomb core from Greencore Packaging:-

Being acquainted with numerous benefits, make a difference to your home now by getting honeycomb doors for your home. Make a bold statement and let your doors look apart by using the most advanced technology doors which have the ability to withstand every condition. We are available 24*7, so get in touch with us now and let your homes/offices sparkle.


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